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Work From Home?

July 1st, 2007 at 05:17 am

I've come to a crossroads of sorts. Since I am a single mom who has to work I have to put my son in daycare. I pay his sitter $400 a month and I'm not entirely pleased with her care. I mean he's not abused but she hadn't been feeding him the way I instructed and she doesn't engage him the way I'd like. She has anywhere from 4-5 kids in her care each day. I wish I could just stay at home with hm and enjoy this time in his life. But how?

My first thought was to open up my own daycare. I would have to take in 4 kids to make what I make now. Which isn't bad. I've also been looking into other opportunities to work from home. I found a company that one of my friends works for taking phone calls: http://www.workathomeagent.com/. Hopefully they give me some good news. I could take calls for them when my son is asleep.

3 Responses to “Work From Home?”

  1. monkeymama Says:

    My first thought is daycare as well. Or a job in a daycare/school where you can bring your son along. I am not sure what else you can do that you can give him proper care while you are working. But I know quite a few people who did daycare so they could be with their kids.

    Good Luck!

  2. campfrugal Says:

    Daycare is a great idea. Also, you won't be paying someone else for child care. Have you sat down and figured out how much you actually spend outside the home working and having someone else watch your child. You may not have to watch 4 children if you look at all the expenses you might be saving. Just a thought.

  3. debtfreeme Says:

    My sister runs her own daycare and is well loved and makes great money. She specializes in the part time care people are always wanting. She had not had an opening in years because all her parents planned getting pregnant around when she would have openings that is how much they love her. She has had he same families for 5 years, first one child then their sister or brother. She is talking about in fall 2008 going to just before school and after school care and she can make the same amount of money because she lives just 4 houses away from the school. there are also great write offs for running your daycare, it is a business so there is curb appeal, toys, food, electricity, mortgage percentage, the kids outside play thingy (huge jungle gym things) etc. she barely made money for a few years while taking in 35k because there were so many write offs. She does keep her license current, CPR/First Aid twice a year, runs a preschool type program to get kids ready for kindergarten, teaches manners and has a lot of fun with the kids. No TV and no videos and they LOVE her. I hope she is still doing this if we decide to have kids.

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