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Freecyclin' Rocks

March 8th, 2007 at 11:50 am

Today has been a productive day. I discovered freecycle about a month ago and was overwhelmed by the amount of emails I got and the stuff that folks were giving away for FREE! Today I got really nice black floor lamp (my living room doesn't have a ceiling light and I have a floor lamp that's more for decoration than proper lighting) and tomorrow I'm getting a dinnette! I also went to get my $150 computer/desk/printer and found a snazzy couch/love seat for $200! My current couch leaves much to be desired but I'm gonna try to sell it on craigslists, if not I'll freecycle it.

Using my Credit Union's billpayer has made life MUCH easier for me. I'm glad its free!

I get these random emails for mystery shoppin' but they are always the day before! I'm still looking for other ways to bring in income.

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