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Save The Clothes!

July 6th, 2007 at 05:59 pm

I am really bad when it comes to taking care of my clothes. My laundry room has turned into a closet of sorts, clothes are still in the dryer...overflowing in the hamper...it's not funny anymore. And I dont wanna get started on my closet. This makes finding clean,unwrinkled clothes to wear everyday an adventure. And I know it costs me money because I'm probably re-washing clean clothes. sigh.

So I got these tips from one of my favorite blogs "Frugal for Life"
How do you wash clothes less often?
- Hang up your work clothes right when you get home
- Air dry your clothes by an open window or hang outside
- Hang in the bathroom while you shower and get ready in the morning

One step at a time!

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